SSRI Litigation

Finding a Lexapro Attorney

Lexapro®is the brand name of an antidepressant medicine called escitalopram oxalate. Lexapro belongs to a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors1 (or SSRIs). Doctors commonly prescribe SSRIs for patients suffering from depression. Some patients experience some mild side effects from the drug, but there are also more serious risks from using Lexapro. If you or a family member has suffered an injury or complication after using Lexapro, you should consult an attorney for advice.

Lexapro risks and complications

Patients using antidepressants often experience mild side effects.2 These will normally subside or disappear after one or two months' use. Lexapro patients may suffer symptoms such as headache, nausea, insomnia, or loss of appetite. These risks generally do not have any long-term implications. There are other more serious risks that may arise in Lexapro patients. Clinical studies show that teenagers and adolescents are at higher risk for suicidal thoughts when using Lexapro. Some Lexapro patients have also seen birth defects when using the medicine during pregnancy. In these cases (and others), patients may be entitled to file a class action lawsuit. It is important to find the right attorney for support.

How a Lexapro attorney can help

A Lexapro attorney can offer assistance in a number of ways. A competent attorney can:

  • Examine your case to establish whether you may be able to file a lawsuit
  • Explain what medical records and evidence you may need to present
  • Give guidance on each step of the process to file a class action suit
  • Provide ongoing support during the case
  • Improve your chances of success
  • Ensure that you receive the best possible settlement

There may be a fixed period of time during which you are able to file a lawsuit. It is important to find the right attorney as quickly as possible.

Finding the right attorney

There are a number of ways that you may be able to find a competent attorney. Online law directories have a database of trained attorneys. You can search by field of law or by location. A search engine may also help you find trained attorneys in your area. Each state maintains a State Bar Association, via which you can find details of competent attorneys in your area. You can find details of the State Bar Association for your state via the American Bar Association.3

Following up a recommendation

A recommendation can often be a good way to find a knowledgeable attorney. You may belong to a support group, for example, in which other members have experience working with trained attorneys. A personal recommendation can be a strong indication of a competent attorney. Business referral services may also be useful. Your accountant or financial advisor, for example, may recommend an appropriate attorney to you.

If you suffer injuries from the use of medicines, you may suffer considerable pain, inconvenience, and financial pressure. A lawsuit can help you receive settlement to compensate your losses. Talk to an attorney as soon as you can.

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