SSRI Litigation

Why You Need an Attorney for Your Luvox Lawsuit

Doctors prescribe Luvox®1 (generic name fluvoxamine) for the treatment of depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Doctors may prescribe the drug for adults or for children and adolescents between the ages of 8 and 17. Luvox can effectively treat the symptoms of these conditions, but there are also a number of serious potential risks and complications from the use of the medicine. If you or a loved one experiences an injury from the use of Luvox, you may need legal advice from a competent attorney.

How Luvox works

Luvox is an antidepressant medicine. It is one of a number of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors2 (SSRIs). SSRIs block the reabsorption of the chemical serotonin in the brain. This helps the brain send and receive messages differently, which, in turn, alleviates the symptoms of depression. SSRIs primarily affect serotonin and not other chemicals.

Luvox is only available with a prescription. Like other medicines, there are a number of relatively mild side effects, which normally subside or disappear after a month or more. There are other more serious complications, however, which may lead to serious injury or even death.

Serious side effects from Luvox

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration3 has determined that Luvox is a category C medicine. This means that animal studies show that there may be a risk to an unborn fetus. Possible birth defects from Luvox can include congenital heart defects and mitral valve prolapse4 (where there is a problem with blood flow to the heart). Persistent pulmonary hypertension (PPHN) is also possible, along with cranial defects, such as cleft lip and palate. Doctors must carefully weigh the benefits of prescribing Luvox to pregnant patients against the risks that exist.

There are a number of other serious risks of using Luvox including:

  • Increase in suicidal thoughts in teenagers and young adults, particularly in the first few months of medication.
  • Serotonin syndrome (excess serotonin in the body), which may be life threatening.
  • Heavy bleeding or hemorrhage, particularly where patients are taking anticoagulants (blood-thinning medicines).
  • Severe allergic reaction, including trouble breathing and swelling in the face.

If you or a loved one suffers an injury of this nature, a competent attorney can help you file a class action lawsuit. You may be able to claim compensation.

How an attorney can help you

A trained legal attorney will be able to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of any legal case. He or she will be able to help you establish whether you are able to file a class action lawsuit. Your attorney can advise you on the amount of compensation that a court may award you. A Luvox attorney can also guide you in each step of the process to file a lawsuit, and advise you on any time restrictions that may exist. In addition to providing guidance and support, a legal attorney can help increase your chances of receiving the best settlement. You should contact an attorney as soon as possible to obtain further legal advice.

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